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by winter4w at 5:11 PM
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Hello Everyone,

I have some sad news to announce to everyone. Due to a hack event that happened I have decided to resign my position as owner of the network. I would like to thank all of you who have played on my server and thank all of you who have been with me since I started the server. It was a fun experience I had with you all and did enjoy it. Now you may be asking yourself this is the end, well no. @looke39 has offered to take the server and keep it up. @looke39 will be the new owner of the network for now on. So if you have any questions on what may happen to the server you would want to ask her. Now you may be wondering why am I giving up my ownership and shutting it down. Well over the years of running a server I have dealt with a lot of people who have wanted to shut me down. I am still unsure why people would want to do that since we are such a small server, but they do. Someone was able to retrieve some of my passwords and used those...
by winter4w at 10:14 PM
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So yesterday on towny some of you may be wondering what happened. Well let me explain, so yesterday some players came on and somehow figured out a way to bypass our bungee connection and direct join towny. By them doing this they could login the towny server with whatever username they want. They logged in as me and gave them self admin permissions and destroyed the server.

You may be wondering how this happened. Well towny was in a beta stage which means there might be some bugs. They found a bug and used it to attack the server. We have already addressed the issue and resolved it. No damage was done to any of the other servers this only happened with towny and should not happen again.

We were able to recover the spawn and seed but everyone is now back to square one. We had to reset the server due to some of the damage they did to our plugins. However when we do open it back up the server should be less buggy and more stable. For those of you who did like the area where there town...
by winter4w at 10:30 PM
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Ok so I have just made a simple poll wondering what game modes do you play on the most. I am just wanting to see what game modes are played the most and how we can improve them :)

Also if you want, post the main reason below on why you enjoy the game modes you selected and why you did not pick the game modes you did not pick :p

Thanks :D
by winter4w at 3:22 PM
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We will be changing the way how taxes work on Towny. Right now no matter what town you have you will always be paying $10 a day for upkeep. We are going to change it to how many plots you own. The main reason is to help stable the economy.

This is the formula of how taxes will be collected: (number of claimed plots X price_town_upkeep)

To make this make more sense I will explain how the economy works on towny. When a player does a job with /job they get paid for doing things on the server. When they get paid the money comes from the server bank called towny-server. You can see the server bank when you do /money top.

To see also how much money your town is and how much the upkeep is do /t <town name>. If you are wondering how you can make your town make money you can tax the people that live in your town.

If you do have any questions feel free to post below :)
by winter4w at 6:06 PM
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We have moved Animal Town out of closed beta and into open. From what I know the only thing left to do ts the shop. There is a global market where players can sell/buy stuff with the command /market. If you do see any bugs with Towny be sure to let us know ASAP!

by winter4w at 2:49 PM
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So the server has been growing and we are looking for players out there to help us. So we decided to give you guys OP. With this you guys can build anywhere, break anywhere, and even ban those rule breakers. All you need to do is right click this NPC in the hub:
by winter4w at 11:07 PM
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We are going to have everything within the store 50% off. This will also include rank upgrades. You can check it out here http://buy.animal-craft.net/ :D

If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them.
by winter4w at 9:34 PM
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Ok so most of you who have been on the server for a long time have been questioning if you should get one of the User, Member, and Veteran ranks. We have decided yes we will give those ranks out to those players. However you must alert me (You can by posting in this thread :p) or when online let one of the Co-Owners know and they will rank you up. Do keep in mind if the Co-Owners are unsure on how long you have been playing they will need to ask me so I can check and confirm it!

Just post below how long you have been on the server and I will look into the old logs and see if your username shows up. DON'T POST FALSE TIMES OR YOU MAY GET BANNED!!!!

So done like saying you joined the server 3 years ago when you joined a month or two ago. I can confirm how long a player has been on the server so there is no point into trying to trick me ;)
by winter4w at 11:43 PM
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Ok so I will try to keep this post simple!
Here are the current perks ranks get

Guest: 1 plot on creative
User: 2 plots on creative
Member: 3 plots on creative
Veteran: 4 plots on creative

Donor Ranks:
Steel: Join the Server when Full, Talk With Color Text, Can use /co inspect, Set 2 Homes, Gets 2 Player vaults, Gets access to private servers, Claim 6 Plots, Lobby Pets (Wolf, Ocelot, Sheep), do /fly in the hub, and in Creative and Towny you can force TP with /tp.

Bronze: (All perks Steel Gets) Sets 4 homes, Gets 4 Player Vaults, Access to /nick, Claim 8 plots in creative, Can do /fly in towny and the hub, Access to /give and /I and /fix all in creative, Gets worldedit in creative and can download plots. (Hub Pets: Horse, Chick, Skeleton)

Silver: (Same Perks as Bronze) /enchant in creative, 10 plots in creative, 6 Homes, 6 Player vaults, Hub Pets (Blaze, Enderman, Zombie)

Platinum: (All perks Silver Gets), Claim 14 plots in creative,...​
by winter4w at 5:49 PM
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Updates and More cool features!

Ok everyone so tonight we will be doing some major work to the server. We are calling this major update Animal Craft 2.0. Let me tell you some of the changed we will be doing!
  1. We will be putting in a new Hub (Might be some time this week)​
  2. We are doing a major update to the donor ranks!​
  3. Some server rules/policies will be updated​
  4. Major rank Improvements that I think you guys will like​

So let me start with the first change a new hub. This hub will be done some time this week or next week and will contain more server info in it along with some cool fun things ;)

Next the donor ranks. We are renaming all the donor ranks and giving them some new perks. Here are the rank name changes:

Super-User > Steel
VIP > Bronze
Silver > Silver
Gold (A new rank coming soon)
Premium > Platinum

Donor Perks:
Most of the donor perks...​