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Network Maintenance!

Discussion in 'News and Announcments' started by winter4w, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. winter4w

    winter4w Owner Staff Member Owner

    Updates and More cool features!

    Ok everyone so tonight we will be doing some major work to the server. We are calling this major update Animal Craft 2.0. Let me tell you some of the changed we will be doing!
    1. We will be putting in a new Hub (Might be some time this week)​
    2. We are doing a major update to the donor ranks!​
    3. Some server rules/policies will be updated​
    4. Major rank Improvements that I think you guys will like​

    So let me start with the first change a new hub. This hub will be done some time this week or next week and will contain more server info in it along with some cool fun things ;)

    Next the donor ranks. We are renaming all the donor ranks and giving them some new perks. Here are the rank name changes:

    Super-User > Steel
    VIP > Bronze
    Silver > Silver
    Gold (A new rank coming soon)
    Premium > Platinum

    Donor Perks:
    Most of the donor perks will remain the same. However we have added some new pets to the ranks and donors now have the ability to claim more plots! Once we finish the update I will make a new post displaying the perks all the ranks will have.

    Server Rules:
    We will be adding server side rules to servers such as griefing on creative and towny ect...
    Once we finish the update tonight I will post most of these changes.

    Rank Improvements:
    We have decided to add a way so users can be promoted. Most users will be promoted based off the time they play. Right now people only get one rank User, so we decided to spice it up a bit.

    When you join you might start out with the rank Guest. Once you play for 24 hours on the server you will be promoted to User. If you have been playing on the server for 6 months you will get the rank Member. Last but not least once you have been online for a year you will get the rank veteran.

    Each rank will get some perks along with claiming more plots ect...
    These perks will be posted tonight when we finish the update.


    So post below what you think about the changes :) and also if you would like to help out with the Towny spawn be sure to apply to our build team!

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