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Towny Tax Update

Discussion in 'News and Announcments' started by winter4w, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. winter4w

    winter4w Owner Staff Member Owner

    We will be changing the way how taxes work on Towny. Right now no matter what town you have you will always be paying $10 a day for upkeep. We are going to change it to how many plots you own. The main reason is to help stable the economy.

    This is the formula of how taxes will be collected: (number of claimed plots X price_town_upkeep)

    To make this make more sense I will explain how the economy works on towny. When a player does a job with /job they get paid for doing things on the server. When they get paid the money comes from the server bank called towny-server. You can see the server bank when you do /money top.

    To see also how much money your town is and how much the upkeep is do /t <town name>. If you are wondering how you can make your town make money you can tax the people that live in your town.

    If you do have any questions feel free to post below :)

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