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Main server rules!

Discussion in 'Rules' started by winter4w, Sep 9, 2013.

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  1. winter4w

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    This post displays all the server rules. If any one of them is broken, your *punishment is server-wide (meaning across the entire network). Please read each and everyone of them carefully.

    Chat guidelines:
    1. Foul language: Also referred to as ‘cussing’, or ‘swearing’. We allow minimal cussing. Racial slurs that are labelled as cuss words are not permitted.

    2. Spam: Spam is prohibited at all times. Extensive use of CAPS LOCK, purposeful repetition that fills chat and constant copy and pasting applies here. Links are blocked on some ranks.

    3. Drama: Got beef with a player/staff member? That’s cool, we understand that. However, no one here tolerates the constant fighting in chat. Take it somewhere else, such as another application or /msg.

    4. General chat: Do not fill the public chat with racism, hatred, insults, harassment or sheer disrespect. If you can’t talk nicely to another player, don’t say a word. (TIP: All ranks have access to /ignore.)

    5. Advertising: You know the drill. Straight up permanent ban, no excuses or questions asked. You are eligible for punishment if you list the server IP/website in any shape or form within the network. You will not be punished if you list the name of the server or generally discuss it.

    6. Personal information: Posting personal information about any user/staff member such as house addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses, or anything that is directly threatening is strictly prohibited. We also discourage you from sharing your information publically.

    User guidelines:

    1. Impersonation: Impersonation of any user/staff member is forbidden. You can be punished for having a similar username or even the same skin [depends on who you are impersonating].

    2. Hacked clients: We don’t care if it makes cool potions, has fullbright or just x-ray. It has no place on our server.

    3. Client modifications (mods): Mods that grant you an unfair edge against other users are strictly prohibited. Alternatively, we provide a list of allowed mods - click me!

    4. Bugs: Abuse of any bugs/glitches found on the global network will land you a permanent ban. Please report said issues in the Bugs category instead.
    5. Inappropriate builds: This applies to every server on our network! No building inappropriate things or else it will be cleared and you will be banned! Things such as sexual builds, advertisement builds, builds with inappropriate language and racist builds [and so forth] are deemed inappropriate.

    6. Skins: Please be mindful that our server community is for all ages. We ask that your skin is appropriate... as in not naked. We will ask you to change it and you don't comply, you will serve a temporary ban. Repeat offenders will most likely be permanently banned.

    *Bonus: Punishments
    Due to how our servers operate and the types of plugins we use, we use the following forms of punishment:

    • Temporary banning.
    • Permanent banning.
    • Warnings.
    • Comments (usually for later reference; they are fully accessible to the public).
    We don't mute because it is able to be fully bypassed and honestly, it results in a ban anyway because users are known to go off at us staff for muting them.

    Please follow all the rules listed above... it's all we ask of you to do to maintain a happy community.
    Enjoy your time at the AnimalCraft Network!

    More rules will be added in the future if necessary. :D

    Updated 3/20/16.

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