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*Watches over forums*

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by keeponrockin404, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. keeponrockin404

    keeponrockin404 Member

    Heh, Xenon here (Keeponrockin404).

    Don't expect much from me, I'll probably maintain pure silence and let everyone else do the talking. But do feel free to PM me.

    So how does everyone feel about Animal-Craft? Any opinions or thoughts?
  2. winter4w

    winter4w Owner Staff Member Owner


    I changed your username and you are ranked.
  3. keeponrockin404

    keeponrockin404 Member

    Alright :3 shows I have purpose to sit back and watch the site ^^
  4. mramerica108

    mramerica108 Member Staff Member Silver Youtube Co-Owner

    Animal-craft is growing! Can't wait to see it in a year! This is going to be amazing!
  5. rsauosci

    rsauosci New Member

    I couldn't find the correct thread for this but I guess I'll just throw it in here....

    Rsauosci's Application. I'm really aiming for any staff rank.

    Name: rsauosci
    Age: 16 (I placed my age incorrectly on my profile)
    Why do you want to be staff?: I just like to help out alot because I used to own a server but it could never operate correctly...
    What if someone is hacking or breaking the rules..?: Honestly I'd ban him for a good time, if someone hacks and you tell them to stop, they won't.
    What if someone is using exploits and glitches?: Report the glitches to winter4w Or a higher staff rank for help, also tell the player to not glitch.
    And if he does it again temp ban and then another last time is a full ban.
    What ideas do you have for animalcraft?: So so many, first off I love building so maybe I could create some cool things to find for the players quests more warps and so on.
    Also more minigame maps to create for newer minigames in the future.
    How long are you going to be on the server..: Usually 6-8 hours a day or so at the most.

    How much do you want to do this: Is that even a question? ALOT.

  6. mramerica108

    mramerica108 Member Staff Member Silver Youtube Co-Owner

    I dont think winter has set up a staff appilication page on the forums.
  7. keeponrockin404

    keeponrockin404 Member

    Yeah, winter4w does not have it set up, and this obviously does not belong on this discussion. What you could have done considering it was not updated yet for people to apply as an admin or moderator, you have to go under General Discussions and create your own thread. That thread will be temporary and will be locked.
    Like I said, its temporary, so we wont be doing that often. Just as long as we can set up a tab for that.
  8. winter4w

    winter4w Owner Staff Member Owner

    I do not have a place where people can post for staff. When we need staff I will make a post where people can post to get staff. Please keep updated to the forums

    Thanks for locking the forum. I will unlock it now.

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