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VIP Giveaway Halloween

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by winter4w, Sep 29, 2013.

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  1. winter4w

    winter4w Owner Staff Member Owner

    Ok this is where you all posts to get VIP. Please post your post number id in the comment below. Anyone posting more than once on this thread will be removed. If you have any questions on how to post go post it at this link. The giveaway will end on Halloween and the person who wins will get the rank :). For those of you who did donate won't be able to apply unless you are a super-user.

    How to post:
    Ok so when you post in the comments below post your post number for an ex this is the #1 post so the post after that will be #2. When it is time to draw I will make a video of it I will use a random number picker to pick the number. If your post number is the same then you win :).

    Post Rule's:
    1. Do not post more than once.
    2. Do not post anything like lol or reply to a comment just post your post number.
    3. Dont make a alt account and then post just to get the rank.
    4. Dont get upset it you lose.
    This video will explain on how to post and about the giveaway :D

  2. baguy3000AR

    baguy3000AR Member

  3. SoullessSavager

    SoullessSavager Member Staff Member Moderator

  4. eallen42102

    eallen42102 Member

  5. zipper_tie_guy

    zipper_tie_guy New Member

  6. FullmechafoxMC

    FullmechafoxMC New Member Platinum

  7. LavaDisaster

    LavaDisaster New Member

  8. t_rex34

    t_rex34 Member Bronze

  9. HerobrineGhoul

    HerobrineGhoul New Member

  10. DarkDestroyer228

    DarkDestroyer228 Member Steel

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  11. pmudgenz

    pmudgenz New Member

  12. videogmr101

    videogmr101 New Member

  13. TearingBalloon5

    TearingBalloon5 New Member

  14. jackrobert2005

    jackrobert2005 New Member Bronze


    (Edit) winter4w] I changed it to 14 since that is your post number
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  15. dooder08

    dooder08 New Member

  16. DjDillyWilly

    DjDillyWilly Member

    #16 The best XD
  17. Mominator1

    Mominator1 New Member

  18. pokie3

    pokie3 New Member

    Technically I'm #19 but the guy above said he doesn't want to be in it so I'm #18?

    EDIT: winter4w I fixed it so you are number 18 :D
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  19. Kuledud3000

    Kuledud3000 New Member

    #19 I think I'm confused from the last post
  20. CCappy

    CCappy New Member Bronze

    #20 Please
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