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Vaderdawg - Kerochii64 Friendship Announcement.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by vaderdawg, Oct 2, 2015.

  1. vaderdawg

    vaderdawg Member

    That's right folks, it has happened, Kerochii64, aka server admin, aka, Jade, has admitted our friendship and accepted it as being valid. If you don't believe me, here's a screenshot of it all going down, live.
    I'd like to thank my mother, for giving birth to me, I'd also like to thank all of my friends for giving me the strength to move on, because friends are worth it. I'd also like to thank Looke39 for saying "Friend" when I said kerochii was my friend, it slowed me down, sure, but it turned out to be the motivation I needed, I'd like to thank my hot grade 8 science teacher mrs Bedwal, she has a nice Gluteus maximus, and I'd like to thank Winter, for making his server available to me, a server which has proven to become a medium for new friendships and bonds for everyone. Thank you for all of you who have decided to join me here on this magnificent event. It means a lot. Love you all. <3
    P.S (Stay tuned for my next youtube video, I just got an idea for it - *Hint Hint* - it has to do with what just happened, omg.)
  2. Kerochii64

    Kerochii64 Admin, Veteran Player Staff Member Admin Steel

    i just said hi
  3. Kerochii64

    Kerochii64 Admin, Veteran Player Staff Member Admin Steel

  4. Rocky702

    Rocky702 Member Silver

    Lol Kero let him have this monment
  5. t_rex34

    t_rex34 Member Bronze

    A well deserved award for a well deserved person. Magnificent.
  6. TheBeefyMiner

    TheBeefyMiner Member

    i just laughed my lungs out of my body

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