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Teamspeak server rules

Discussion in 'Rules' started by winter4w, Jul 9, 2014.

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  1. winter4w

    winter4w Owner Staff Member Owner

    We are now adding rules to our Teamspeak server. If you break any of the rules, you can get banned from Teamspeak and possibly the server depending on how bad you did not follow the rules. All of our rules we have on the server also apply to Teamspeak. The rules that we have for Teamspeak are going to be listed below.

    1. Keep swearing in the server to a minimum and don't swear at all in the chat.
    2. Please do not sing on the Teamspeak server unless most of the people want you to sing.
    3. Don't type in caps on the text chat unless you really have to.
    4. Racism, religious discrimination, Racism or discussing illegal things will not be permitted in Teamspeak.
    5. On no account should you personally insult a person, or any group of people. This is not a nice thing to do. If you are going to be rude or unkind, don't even bother to join.
    6. Do not troll people or play music unless people want you to.
    7. Don't advertise any other server on the Teamspeak server ever!
    8. Don't send any bad files on the server.
    9. Don't post inappropriate links.
    10. Do not impersonate anyone on the server!
    11. Your Teamspeak name must be your minecraft name!
    (More rules may be added!)

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