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Skywarz suggestion

Discussion in 'Sky Wars Disscussion' started by HerobrineGhoul, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. HerobrineGhoul

    HerobrineGhoul New Member

    You should add a vote start to skywarz cause waiting three minutes for a 30 second game of skywarz is extremely unsatisfying and I'm impatient. basically what I'm saying is: I don't wanna wait that long for such a short game, plz and thank you :D
  2. GalaxyGrapes

    GalaxyGrapes New Member Platinum

    I hope this is added..
    HerobrineGhoul likes this.
  3. TrueMiles

    TrueMiles Java Developer Staff Member Developer

    Hi there, if you message me the name of the plugin that is currently being used I can see what I am able to implement.

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