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Server to Server, What it Takes to Run

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by eallen42102, Jul 30, 2014.


Should Animalcraft scale back down to just one gametype, then gradually bring back more types?

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  2. No

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  1. eallen42102

    eallen42102 Member

    I feel like it would be best for the server if it gradually scaled down to just creative and towny, as these are (to me) the most successful servers on Animalcraft. Or even better to just have towny, with a creative option inside the towny server itself. I'm bringing this up because I feel that there is just not enough players on to sustain a larger server with multiple gametypes. If you look at larger servers that have multiple games: skywars, factions, towny, etc, they all have hundreds of players or even thousands at all times on. I feel like what a server needs to have in order to be successful hub is players. What I'm thinking as stated above, is to scale down gradually, then stay for a bit as to build up players. When I join Animalcraft hub is always empty. Chat is silent. When I join a large server I want one with lots of players, lots of chat. Then once players come, and there is always an average of 30+ players on at a time, gradually bring back a different gametype. Such as every 4 months bring something new, first factions, then skywars, then make creative it's own server again. I'm sorry for bringing this up on the forums, I just think that in order to make this a better server what needs to be done, is go back to small, then bump it back up one notch at a time.
  2. winter4w

    winter4w Owner Staff Member Owner

    I do believe I have done the mistake on expanding fast but by looking at the data when people online it moved in a wave on each server. Tho now with towny up factions has seem to have gone dead. Skywars is popular for live streams or when people are on. SkyBlock gets the people from night on. There is a public chat which allot of people use to talk on the server instead of the local chat. Due to some plugins that run off the chat plugins I can't make the whole server a public chat yet but I do have plans on doing it. I do try my best to bump the post on the sites to get more people on but as talking to other server owners on the forums getting people is not as easy as it was in beta. The best way to get people is A pay over a $1000 for paid advertising, or B youtube. As mabey you all have seens allot of videos of my really old server since allot of people made videos on it. There were also more people on that server. What I have herd to get more people on is have a youtube perk so where people with this many subs and this many videos of the server will get it just like how I did on my old server.
  3. mramerica108

    mramerica108 Member Staff Member Silver Youtube Co-Owner

    We just have to keep working! Put hard work in, and get good results back out!
  4. easports12345678

    easports12345678 Member

    Eallen come on multiple game modes are fun :rolleyes:
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