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Report a player Format ---- READ ME BEFORE POSTING!!

Discussion in 'Rules' started by winter4w, Sep 8, 2013.

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  1. winter4w

    winter4w Owner Staff Member Owner

    Report Format:

    Your username:

    The person who is being reported (username):

    Date of event:

    Proof (Screenshots or videos must not be cropped or edited):


    Q: Will the person who I report get banned?
    A: It depends on what they did and the proof you have available. We are the ones that will make the decision if they get banned or not.

    Q: Why was my post closed?
    A: If your post is closed we have reviewed it, and solved it. Contact an administrator if you need to get it back up.

    Q: Do I get OP when I report someone?
    A: Nah.

    Q: Where do I upload the videos?
    A: You can upload your video proof to YouTube and then put the link to the video in the report.

    Q: Do I have to be polite when reporting?
    All reports you make should not contain anything to offend, degrade, or outright disrespect a player. Do not let your emotions summarise your report, for if you just cuss about it, we will most likely deny it.

    Q: Do I really require evidence?
    All reports must have a screenshot or video of the accused player. If you don't have any proof, your report will be removed and denied, unless it is a chat issue, where we can verify using the server logs. We strictly only allow evidence that isn't tampered -your screenshot must be the full whole image and not one that is cropped out.

    Revised and updated. -K
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