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Free exp?

Discussion in 'Towns' started by looke39, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. looke39

    looke39 Co-Owner Staff Member Co-Owner

    So I know people LOVE getting good enchantments who wouldn't? But you wont always get good enchants so i'm thinking about making it so mobs can spawn in my town and making a mob grinder for people to use. It wouldn't produce a crazy amount of mobs or exp if I do it but its better then nothing. Want to know what people think about the idea.
  2. mramerica108

    mramerica108 Member Staff Member Silver Youtube Co-Owner

    I like it! Exp = thing I like!
  3. Rocky702

    Rocky702 Member Silver

    Lol sounds cool... Good idea
  4. TheUnoticableBox

    TheUnoticableBox New Member Bronze

  5. Rocky702

    Rocky702 Member Silver

    lol me too
  6. TheBeefyMiner

    TheBeefyMiner Member

    i think that this is indeed a good idea

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