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Animalcraft and the holidays

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by keeponrockin404, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. keeponrockin404

    keeponrockin404 Member

    As you all may know, its the holidays this time of the year. Christmas. A time of the year when a majority of teenagers, adults and so forth among the peers to venture out to the stores and buy christmas items and take most of their days up decorating homes.

    So for in the future this month, please give the admins and the owner a bit of a break. We all have a life, and sometimes (To all the time) we are extremely busy. If you can have a spot of kindness in your hearts, you would understand that some of us are going through tough times.

    Please do not beg and whimper for Winter4w if he is busy away from his computer, please ask any of the admins who are online at the current time. Thank you. :)

    I hope you all have a merry christmas, as well as for every other relevant holiday for all people of religions!
  2. mramerica108

    mramerica108 Member Staff Member Silver Youtube Co-Owner

    Just a reminder to everyone, I have finals for college at this time, so I won't be spending a lot of time on the server. Hope you guys understand =D
  3. keeponrockin404

    keeponrockin404 Member

    Whoops, I forgot to mention that a lot of people who are in school have finals haha, my bad ^^;
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