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New Rollercoaster

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HerobrineGhoul, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. HerobrineGhoul

    HerobrineGhoul New Member

    HEY GUYS!!!!! I made a new roller-coaster with different sections on creative if you want to check it out. You have two choices when you walk in: To just enjoy a nice roller-coaster ride, or a nice challenge for you guys, you have to flick the lever to choose your path. My plot is -6;7 right next to @vaderdawg and @MkAssassino , hope to see you all there!!! In the mean time, here are some pics:
    2016-02-07_11.10.03.png 2016-02-07_11.11.02.png 2016-02-07_11.11.29.png 2016-02-07_11.11.50.png 2016-02-07_11.12.08.png 2016-02-07_11.12.32.png 2016-02-07_11.13.16.png
  2. GalaxyGrapes

    GalaxyGrapes New Member Platinum

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