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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dpasi314, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. Dpasi314

    Dpasi314 New Member

    Well, hello there!
    My name is Dante (Dpasi314)! I learned of these forums from @winter4w on Bukkit so I thought I'd join! I don't do much Minecraft anymore, but I enjoy browsing forums, it's always fun :p I use to be a developer on ParaGaming... which has completely gone down the tubes due to the lack of initiative taken by the owner. So I ended up doing a whole bunch of cool things for the forums and servers just to see it go to waste. So I'm still pretty bitter about that, but I'm happy to join a community that is more active than that! A little about me:
    • I'm 17. Well I was told by my AP Lang teacher that "all you boys act like you're 2". So I might be 2. Not sure, maybe I should check on that.
    • I'm a developer in: Java, HTML5, PHP, C++, and SQL if you consider that a language.
    • I like cats. A lot. I have a lot of cats. Because I like them so much. I have more than 2 but less than 7.
    • I like videogames (Duh?)
    • I also, at the moment, be a little obsessed with Laina -- The Overly Attached Girlfriend's -- Videos *cough*
    If you're still reading this, wow. Good job!

    And I leave with some OAGJokes
  2. winter4w

    winter4w Owner Staff Member Owner

    lol well welcome to the forums. I am glad that people are starting to use the forums more often and that there is being an active community. If you wanna join the mc server the ip is mc.animal-craft.net.
  3. Dpasi314

    Dpasi314 New Member

    If I re-download my client I will. School is demanding, which is why I usually only browse the forums and code when I'm supposed to be doing Homework.
  4. mramerica108

    mramerica108 Member Staff Member Silver Youtube Co-Owner

  5. keeponrockin404

    keeponrockin404 Member

    Interesting, HTML5 and C++ are very lovely languages, although, on this forum they do not really show purpose. I guess if you want to be on here as a user or a moderator/admin, least you should know is how to mainly use BBCoding, very basic, easy to learn. And hello, I am the Forums Manager, so it is a pleasure to meet a technologically intelligent person :3
  6. Dpasi314

    Dpasi314 New Member

    BBCoding shouldn't even be considered "coding" :p
    It's literally something that everyone should know second hand. And C++ is generally not used as a website scripting language (ever I think). But HTML5 is useful for specialty pages. I made a Bug Tracker on paragaming that used PHP, HTML5 and some Bootstrap, and it was nice. Except then they upgraded our server to CentOS and everything died >_>; And I was too lazy to fix it. Which is probably my downfall in life, being lazy and procrastinating.... :p

    Anyway, nice to meet you as well!
  7. SoullessSavager

    SoullessSavager Member Staff Member Moderator

    nice to meet u
  8. DjDillyWilly

    DjDillyWilly Member

    Welcome! and nice to meet you!
  9. Joshdaninja

    Joshdaninja Member Silver

    Nice to meet you!! it also looks like you really know your stuff :D

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