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Forum Rules [Please relocate me to the Rules board!]

Discussion in 'Rules' started by Kerochii64, Sep 2, 2015.

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  1. Kerochii64

    Kerochii64 Admin, Veteran Player Staff Member Admin Steel

    Seeing as users have been unaware of what to follow on the forums (because "the same as the network" rules isn't enough), or that players like to smartmouth me that there's no thread for the forum rules, I have published a thread with Winter's consent. Please follow the rules provided or you will face consequences!

    All consequences faced can range from a PM from an admin to a complete forum site ban.

    1. Posts/Threads
    Please post in the appropriate category in the forums, otherwise we will move your thread. Also, do not post obscene or generally unacceptable content. No adult content, racial discrimination, drug/sexual references or posts that threaten/target players please! This applies to links! They will be deleted at the staff's discretion.

    2. Language
    The forums is a friendly place for all of the network's users to mingle, ask for help and share content. We will not accept racist, crude or outright disrespect to our users and staff. This will result in your post/thread being deleted. Also, be warned: saying bad stuff in another language can get you in just as much trouble. Some of us speak more than just English.

    3. Spam
    Spam is unacceptable on all boards of the forums, Teamspeak and the server network. It annoys our members and clutters the forum boards. Your post/thread will be deleted. This also applies for spamming threads. If you continue, you may be site banned.
    I will also add as a side note for those who need urgent responses that it will not get Winter's attention.

    4. Shoutbox
    All general posting rules apply to Shoutbox. We ask that you communicate in a friendly manner to everyone; staff also use and moderate it too. If you do not have anything nice to say, do not say it at all!

    5. Reporting issues
    Please, I understand you guys know this but we need to make it clear; use the templates provided so our staff can understand you easier. It also really helps if you don't swear in your thread's title or the post itself. It just makes you look bad and receive an additional punishment anyway, because we do not tolerate that stuff.

    6. Posting on profiles
    Keep it clean guys, rules are same there too.
    Please don't post ban appeals or request help on staff profiles. We already have boards dedicated to that.

    7. Hacking
    Attempting hacks of the website or user accounts is strictly forbidden. You will be banned from the site, no questions asked.

    8. Inbox
    PM rules are the same as the network permits; you may cuss or so forth in there if the other user is okay with it. But they have the right to report you if they aren't alright with what you are messaging them.

    9. Advertising
    Just like the full AnimalCraft network and our Teamspeak server, you are not allowed to advertise. That is a ban, enough said.

    10. Impersonation
    Applies to all network facilities: you will be banned if caught/reported for impersonating a staff member or user. The only exception is if they have given their full permission to do so.

    11. Personal information
    Posting things such as people's telephone numbers, house address(es), IP address or other personal content that is especially threatening to the person(s) involved will range you towards a warning to a ban at the staff member's discretion.

    12. Image content
    We will not tolerate images that represent offensive materials, like racist imagery, adult content, drug references and so forth.

    13. Forum glitches/bugs
    You are not permitted at any time to abuse glitches. Using them to access user-restricted content is strictly forbidden.

    14. Signatures
    Image posting and language rules [as stated] apply. GIF files are allowed.

    More rules will be added when deemed necessary. Please enjoy your time at the AnimalCraft forums. :D
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